VTS Lite Rack Attachment/Single Unit

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VTS is going very quickly. Place your order to secure yours today. Units on preorder are estimated to begin shipping at the end of May. See below for details.


While the VTS Lite is a cost-effective choice for those focused on simply turning their rack into a Smith machine or high/ low pulley; the VTS opens doors to a broader array of movements and attachments. As we continue to unveil new attachments over time, it's important to note that certain additions will be exclusive to the VTS, enhancing its capabilities beyond what the VTS Lite can accommodate. Choose the VTS Lite for a streamlined experience for smith and high/ low pulley or opt for the VTS to unlock the full spectrum of possibilities in your home gym (such as single handle iso smith which is exclusive to the VTS)

Size: 3x3/Single Unit


Side: Right


Add Weight Horns: Yes add weight horns

Add Weight Horns

Introducing the VTS Lite

Transform your squat rack into a versatile workout powerhouse with our VTS (Versa Trolley System) Lite—a user-friendly solution that seamlessly converts your squat rack into a Smith machine using your own barbell. Elevate your training further by incorporating our high/low pulley system, turning your rack into a functional trainer.
The key distinction between the VTS and VTS Lite lies in their design. The VTS, our premium model, features rollers on all four sides of the rack upright, offering unparalleled versatility for a wide range of movements with various attachments. On the other hand, the VTS Lite, with rollers on two sides of the upright, is optimized for Smith machine functionality and basic functional training.


  • Each VTS Lite features four (4) hourglass shaped UHMW rollers. Each roller contains bearings which allow for smooth travel up and down your rack.

*VTS is not designed to be dropped, doing so can result in damage to rollers and other hardware. Doing so can result voided warranty.
*VTS is designed with the understanding that your rack is firmly mounted in place. Rack has the propensity to tip based on amount of weight and angle of pull. Purchase of VTS assumes you have read and understand all risks associated with it’s use.

*We are required to make over 30 moulds for this first round of orders so shipping time can take 90-200 days after presale ends. We will work hard to get this product to you as quickly as we can. 

Dimensions and weight

Each VTS Lite Trolley Weighs 15 pounds.

Installation can be done by sliding the unit over the top of the rack posts, or build the unit onto the post.

*overall weight and dimensions may vary slightly with refinements


We’ll be dropping more pieces, all of which are designed to combine multiple of our favorite gym machines into one commercial-grade unit. We are a company focused on serving the Personal Trainer in a small space to the garage lifter who wants to add their favorite machines to their workouts. We design, manufacture, and operate to fill that space in the fitness equipment world that’s been unserved for too long. The days of choosing between a crappy multi-use home gym or an expensive single-use commercial gym piece are over!


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