We are often asked what makes us different than another company that makes a rack attachment leg extension or leg curl. First, we can’t be compared to those units, as we are not a leg extension or leg curl; we are a unit that does so much more.

The ISOLATOR was designed as a modular platform that you can do a multitude of exercises on with provided attachments, and then even more as time goes on and we drop more for it. In addition, we want to drop a few major areas that set us apart from anything else out there.

Patent-Pending Adjustable Dual Arm System

This is a big one. Other units share a single arm to hold the weight AND to be used as the resistance arm. The issue with this is that you are stuck doing the few exercises that accommodate those restrictions. Our unit, with a separate load arm linked to a 360* adjustable lever arm, allows you to start the arm at any point to allow countless exercises.

Patent-Pending Hex Port System

Another big one! Other units have a single attachment stuck to them, limiting its use to the single or maybe few things that attachment can do (leg pad, etc).

The ISOLATOR not only accepts many attachments (with more to be added soon), but it does it in a quick, easy way. The old way of sleeve in sleeve with a pin and trying to line it up and find the hole etc. is over! Pop it in and go!

Removable Design

Many units we see are bolted to the rack and for many that is a big downside. The ISOLATOR easily comes on and off a rack, but still feels stable like a hard mounted system with our screw-down pressure plates on each side of the carriage.




Adjustable Weight and Attachment Points

On other units the weight post is at a set height, as is the attachment (leg pad). This limits versatility and ability to set the unit up to your body. Our adjustable weight post allows the unit to go down low enough to do a hip thrust exercise where normally the weight plate would hit the ground.  In this case, it is adjusted all the way up, allowing it to work.  In the case of preacher curls, the mounting point of the handle can vary from longer to shorter arms and on our unit can be adjusted. These are just a few examples of what sets us apart.

Multiple Seat/Pad Mounting Points

In order to align properly for different exercises, the seat/pad has two different hard mounting points and then 360* pull pin angles. This allows anything from leg extension to preacher curls, to prone leg curls to align when seat is at right angle and in right hex port.


The ISOLATOR allows our single attachment to act in a multitude of ways, from preacher pad to prone leg curl thigh rest, and many more in between. Other units we see include no pad at all or a single use design. We also see some units with seat included, but it can’t be removed, which again limits exercise options.


The other guys limit to one attachment (in most cases a leg pad) whereas theISOLATORincludes three in the kit (long leg pad, short pad, preacher curl arm) and many more to come!

Easy Setup, Moving, and Storage

Other units are either stuck on your rack at all times or come as one large, hard to move unit. The units that do come apart at all are then hard to set back up. The ISOLATOR strips down to an easy to manage carriage that anyone can set up, and in about 30 seconds you can have it all built and ready to go! (Watch our setup video!)

Counter Torque Screw Design

When doing leg extensions to preacher curls on the other units, the arm can become uneven under load. When doing that leg curl, you can see that the pad is uneven, making one foot appear higher.  This puts more load on one leg while also twisting your hips, which is not good. To prevent this, we added a simple, yet effective, design element to our counter torque screws. These screws are placed so that when tightened prior to performing exercise they push against the lever arm, preventing that arm shift from occurring and allowing an even distribution of weight and a great feeling movement. These are the small things that matter to us, and we know it matters to you as well!

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