Hex Port Attachment

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Introducing the Hex Port Attachment: Elevate Your Workout Experience!

Enhance your ISOLATOR training sessions with the incredible Hex Port Attachment! This ingenious add-on allows you to perform seated leg curls without the hassle of flipping the carriage over. Simply attach the Hex Port above your Isolator, slide in our self-adjusting leg pad or use your own seat/pad, and voilà - you're all set to experience the ultimate leg curl workout!

Looking to take your rack exercises to the next level? With our Hex Port Attachment, you can effortlessly execute preacher curls for barbells, dumbbells, and more! Just place your seat/pad on top, and you're ready to sculpt those biceps like never before.

But the versatility doesn't end there! Achieve an amazing setup for split squats by inserting your leg pad into the Hex Port - it's that simple!

Whether you already own an ISOLATOR or not, our Hex Port Attachment is a game-changer. For ISOLATOR owners, it adds convenience and a whole new range of exercises to your unit. Meanwhile, non-ISOLATOR owners can still reap the benefits by integrating this attachment into their rack workouts - unlocking a world of possibilities!

Don't miss out on this essential rack accessory that will undoubtedly revolutionize your training routine. Embrace the Hex Port Attachment and unleash your full potential today!

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We’ll be dropping more pieces, all of which are designed to combine multiple of our favorite gym machines into one commercial-grade unit. We are a company focused on serving the Personal Trainer in a small space to the garage lifter who wants to add their favorite machines to their workouts. We design, manufacture, and operate to fill that space in the fitness equipment world that’s been unserved for too long. The days of choosing between a crappy multi-use home gym or an expensive single-use commercial gym piece are over!


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