Long Lever Arm

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The 36” long lever arm is a must have addition to your isolator! This longer arm allows you to turn your isolator into a beautiful reverse hyper extension machine, allow it to perform pullovers like a dedicated machine would, and do assisted nordics like the machine was made just for them alone! This list goes on of the epic exercises this one low cost addition brings to your Isolator so make sure to add it to your setup!

Reverse hyper extension

This here is one of our favorites, the reverse hyper extension! It executes it perfectly! If you want more stretch at bottom you just adjust arm to start further forward under the pad and give you any desired setup you like! If you don’t have your isolator yet, grab yours today, and if you do but don’t have this longer lever arm you’re gonna wanna grab it today to do this move and all others it adds!

assisted nordic

This setup used the standard lever arm in the low port and our adjustable leg pad to hold her legs down then the new long lever arm for the assistance portion. It setup legit like a true assisted Nordic machine with the pull pin pad able to drop down on legs to make tight hold and long arm adjust to perfect height, it was really cool to see!

Note: wifey has a bad back and hamstring so couldn't go all the way down but it gave good enough example.

Back attack

You want to feel glutes, hamstrings, and low back like NEVER before, try this! Oh and if you don’t want to have to go out and buy the expensive machine to do it, here’s how the ISOLATOR has you covered!

One major benefit of the long lever arm is the ability to use the existing arm to setup killer variations such as this. We took the standard arm and put it in the lower hex port with the adjustable long pad on it so now you can adjust back and forth as well as up and down to fit you perfect! You simply pull the pop pin to lower yourself to greatest depth your mobility allows then let the pin go to engage weight and go for it! We added some dumbbells behind her feet to prevent them from slipping back and this setup felt legit like a back attack!


The original lever arm performed pullovers ok if you had shorter arms, and were ok with a more bent arm approach. It was limited in performing it to max potential for all individuals, but not anymore with the long lever arm! We show it here with a more straight arm approach to show how well it can work and how much extra length there is left to adjust for far longer arms. This new setup truly fits all arm lengths and preferred arm angles with nice resistance through the whole curve and motion!

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