Carriage Shim Kits

Sale price$4.00 USD
Size: 1mm

With different manufacturers making racks at slightly different sizes it can sometimes lead to a gap between the ISOLATOR carriage and your upright. Our shim kits are designed to address that and to remove any shake or wobble you may experience with a loose fit in your setup.

The shims simply go in behind your plastic pressure plate on the carriage and close any gap you’re experiencing. The shims come in 1mm or 2mm sizes. The current hardware used to fasten these will work up to 2mm but anything over we will also send longer screws to account for added thickness. Our longer hardware will allow 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm to work on each side. Measure the gap you have and buy the proper shims to address that and you’re good to go!

*Pricing reflects per shim size, not a pair


Customer Recommendations

See how other customers have used shims on their racks with their ISOLATOR.

Rep pr-4000

Used 1 - 1mm shim on each side.

Rep pr-5000 with ares attachment

1) Carriage on the right front upright with attachment ports facing inside the rack.
2) While facing the rack, left carriage side with 2x 2mm shims 'only' (removed the factory ~1.5mm shim). Used the new longer bolts.
3) Left the right side alone.

2.3 x 2.3 Rack

For a snug fit it would be a total of 2 count 5mm shim kits plus 2 count 2mm shim kits.

Rep pr-5000

Add 2mm in shims, 1mm shim on each side in addition to the shims in place on the ISOLATOR as it comes.

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