Pull-Up Dip Bar Combo Pro

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Color: Black


Elevate your fitness regime to new heights with the Upright Extender Pro, designed exclusively for our esteemed Tri-Post and Solo Racks. This ingenious accessory empowers you with increased versatility, allowing for a diverse range of movements previously unattainable with shorter uprights. Simply slide it into place, and you'll instantly unlock a world of new training possibilities. For an ultimate workout experience, combine it seamlessly with our Pull-Up Dip Bar attachment to conquer your fitness goals like never before!

Dimensions and weight capacity


See the chart for dimensions and weight of the box your PULL-UP DIP BAR COMBO are shipped in

Box 1

36" x 31" x 11"

22 pounds


We’ll be dropping more pieces, all of which are designed to combine multiple of our favorite gym machines into one commercial-grade unit. We are a company focused on serving the Personal Trainer in a small space to the garage lifter who wants to add their favorite machines to their workouts. We design, manufacture, and operate to fill that space in the fitness equipment world that’s been unserved for too long. The days of choosing between a crappy multi-use home gym or an expensive single-use commercial gym piece are over!


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