ISOLATOR Removable Rear Carriage

Sale price$139.98 USD
Size: 3x3
Pins: 1"

When changing carriage sizes, new pins of the new size might be needed. When going from a 2x2/2x3 carriage to a 3x3 carriage your old 2x2/2x3 pins will be too short, so make sure to add pins with your purchase. 

The ISOLATOR was designed to make it easy for you to adapt the unit if you buy a new rack with different upright dimensions. You can simply remove four bolts and replace the rear portion of the carriage to fit your new rack! Instead of being forced to buy a whole new unit, you can buy this one part, remove a few bolts, and be good to go!

If you plan to change your pin size, the carriage comes standard with a 1" pin hole. We took a unique design approach and instead of having different carriages with different pin sizes, we made adapter plates to simply go over the 1" hole to reduce it down to the new pin size. So, if you if are using a 5/8" pin and want to use a 1" pin, you can just remove the reducer plate. 

All pins other than 1" come with the reducer plates when purchased. The 1" do not come with them since they are not needed. 

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