VTS Upright Extenders

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VTS Upright Extenders for the Tri-Post Rack

This a pair of upper uprights that partially sleeve into the bottom uprights keeping the surface the same level to allow the VTS to work smoothly on them. The standard Tri-Post Rack upright design is a full sleeve-in-sleeve design making the unit a little faster to setup, break down, and store BUT it leaves the upper part of the upright smaller diameter since it has to sleeve into the lower upright to store away and this uneven surface doesn’t allow the VTS to smoothly transition top to bottom and work as desired. This change will now let you use the Tri-Post Rack as the perfect house for the VTS on the front uprights as well as your ISOLATOR/Pull-Up Dip Bar/Suspension trainer and more on the back single upright making the perfect small space and store away setup! Also note you can easily slide the VTS off these uprights making them removable on this setup where normally not possible on others and has to be left on. While the product is called VTS upright extenders, they don’t have to only be used for that purpose! We named it this way since it is why we designed these uprights and what most people will use them for.

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