VTS Latch Hook/Pair

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Latch Hook Style: Straight (Hitch Pin Hole) for 1" or 3/4" or 5/8" Hole Sizes

Latch Hook Style

Choose your latch hook!

The VTS has been designed to latch in two different ways. The first way is the hook goes in the hitch pin hole in the front face of your squat rack upright and the second method is a curved latch hook that goes around a hitch pin going through your squat rack upright laterally. The most popular method is in the front hitch pin hole but for those who don’t have racks with the mandatory 1” or 5/8” pin hole sizes to fit the latch they can choose the hitch pin hook. Some prefer the hitch pin method for other reasons such as the hook not making contact in any way with their rack preventing any chance of damage or other preferences going either way.


We’ll be dropping more pieces, all of which are designed to combine multiple of our favorite gym machines into one commercial-grade unit. We are a company focused on serving the Personal Trainer in a small space to the garage lifter who wants to add their favorite machines to their workouts. We design, manufacture, and operate to fill that space in the fitness equipment world that’s been unserved for too long. The days of choosing between a crappy multi-use home gym or an expensive single-use commercial gym piece are over!


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