High/Low Functional Trainer Pulley System Rack Attachment/Single Side

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Our VTS pulley is a 2:1 ratio pulley system that can easily be left on your rack and worked around or removed with no tools! The upper and lower assemblies can be removed with a simple hitch pin and the VTS trolley pulley added or removed with no tools as well making for a fast, easy, effortless setup or removal.

Select 1 Quantity High/Low Functional Trainer Pulley System Rack Attachment for 1 side OR

Select 2 Quantity High/Low Functional Trainer Pulley System Rack Attachments for both sides. 


The High/Low Pulley System is fixed high and low and cannot adjust like a functional trainer since the trolley and cable assembly share the same upright, and would hit each other if the pulley assembly was set in the middle.

The High/Low Pulley System can work on a shorter unit, but the cable length would need to be trimmed. The High/Low Pulley System can work on a taller unit, but would require the purchase of a longer cable. (We do not sell the longer cables)

Based on 1” hole sizes, you’re looking at distance of 78” for the set holes, measured from center.


We’ll be dropping more pieces, all of which are designed to combine multiple of our favorite gym machines into one commercial-grade unit. We are a company focused on serving the Personal Trainer in a small space to the garage lifter who wants to add their favorite machines to their workouts. We design, manufacture, and operate to fill that space in the fitness equipment world that’s been unserved for too long. The days of choosing between a crappy multi-use home gym or an expensive single-use commercial gym piece are over!


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